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 Your Headshot- Tips for Men

  • Clothing
    It’s very important to make sure you wear properly-fitted shirts- on a dress shirt, no gaps around the neckline and not too tight to where the skin is folding over. For men who need to wear a tie, and full Windsor knot is the best. If you don’t know how to tie one, I’ve included a video below to help. If all else fails, I know how to tie one! Also, make sure you don’t wear anything with a crazy pattern on it. Wear simple colors that compliment your skin tone. Feel free to bring some extra changes of clothes. It’s best to have options.

  • Eyebrows
    It’s best to leave your eyebrows as natural as possible. I recommend a mustache trimmer with a guide to help manage brows that get a little unruly. It’s what I do and it works perfectly.

  • Teeth

    This one is pretty obvious. Don’t drink something right before that can stain your teeth. If you would like to use a whitening product, I recommend Sheer White. I get it from my dentist. Leave the red wine for after the shoot!

  • Hair

    Whatever you do, don’t get a haircut the day of the shoot! It’s best to get a cut a week or so before so you don’t have any tan lines. If so, they are difficult to fix in post production.

  • Skin

    Hydration is key to healthy skin. Also, plenty of rest can make you look your best, so try to get a great nights sleep the night before.

Here's a couple of videos to give you a head start!

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