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Your Headshot- Tips for Women 

  • Clothing

    Make sure to wear clothing that is simple without loud patterns. Basically, you want it to not be a distraction. Wear something that your friends say you look good in. Remember- this is a headshot and not a fashion shoot. Feel free to bring multiple changes of clothes. It’s best to have options!

  • Make-up

    I’ve posted some videos below that give some good tips on how to get the best look for your skin type. If you would like a professional makeup artist, let me know and we can get it arranged. Don’t overdue your eyebrows and for the best look, use glossy lipstick instead of matte.

  • Hair

    Like clothing, you want your hair done in a way that really compliments your face and is easy to work with. Feel free to bring in products if we need to make any adjustments to it.

  • Eyebrows

    Don’t pluck your eyebrows right before your shoot. It tends to leave a red mark for a while and it makes it difficult to clean up in post-processing. Also, it’s not a good idea to pencil them in- leave them as natural as possible.

  • Teeth

    This one is pretty obvious. Don’t drink something right before that can stain your teeth. If you would like to use a whitening product, I recommend Sheer White. I get it from my dentist. Leave the red wine for after the shoot!

  • Your Skin

    Hydration is key to healthy skin. Also, plenty of rest can make you look your best, so try to get a great night's sleep the night before.

Here's a couple of great videos to give you a head start!

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